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[18+] 6 Wrong Ideas Pornography Give Viewers

There are alot of ideas that are in all aspects wrong, given to the public by pornography videos, 6 of them have been listed below

Nowadays, people get the wrong concept of almost everything because they watch it on the net. Even in sex, people believe everything taught on the internet about sex and most are really wrong.

Too many unrealistic things in porn videos but constantly watching them has affected people’s realities.

Porn videos are more or less like action films with so many exaggerated scenes that you can’t try in real life.

Most people think they are expert in sex just because they get their sexual lessons through porn.

Don’t be deceived most of the things you see in porn are mere deliberate exaggerations and deceptions to make you cum while watching it.

Below Are 6 Abnormal Things Porn Videos Will Make You Think Is Normal:

1. Everyone Wants To Have Sex

It’s porn that will make an Uber driver think the fine girl he carried might want sex because of the way she interacts and looks at him.

Unfortunately, porn has messed up a lot of people with this illusion that almost everyone they meet wants to have sex.

So many guys have received dirty slaps while trying to make sexual advances to ladies who are not even thinking of sex with them.

It’s not all gym instructors that will get free sex from their female customers the way sex videos portray it.


2. Oral Sex Is Foreplay

Oral sex could be part of build-up to sex, but it is not a major thing in foreplay as porn videos make you believe.

Another annoying thing about porn is that, most people now do only Oral sex as foreplay thereby eliminating romantic touchessmooth and tender kissingbreast sucking and breast caressing.

Imagine you and your babe want to have sex and the first thing you do is straight making her suck your penis, then you go down to lick her vagina after which you’d have sex. Is that normal??

It’s not normal and not even romantic. That’s what happens in most porn videos and now many people are beginning to normalize it.


3. Every Girl Must Give Head

In porn videos, every girl practically give head but this is not the same in real life.

Not every girl likes to give head but because your mind have scattered with too much porn videos, you would want any girl you meet to give you head.

Many normal girls don’t like giving head and if you meet any of them, just accept it like that. Receiving head shouldn’t be every time.

As a guy if a girl does not like giving head, that doesn’t mean she cannot receive head. Research had it that most girls who don’t like giving head loves receiving it.

Porn has made everyone believe sex is a trade by barter thingYou dagger me, I dagger you concept is what you see in most sex video. It’s not normal.

Not every girl likes giving head, she cannot give doesn’t mean she cannot receive. Give her with love!


4. Men Should Last Longer Than January In Bed

Many standard porn videos are always 30 minutes or more.

It is only in porn videos that you will see men banging for over 30 minutes non-stop without releasing.

These porn stars who are always on drugs have made everyone believe that naturally men should be able to last 30 minutes or more.

Meanwhile, the reality is that a normal man can release within the first 15 minutes of the first round.

Anything more than that is abnormal and that is why most guys cannot have sex without studio mixing and mastering of drugs.


5. Condom Is Not Necessary

If you have ever contacted any STD before, just know that porn has unconsciously made you believe that sometimes condom is not necessary.

In most porn videos, actors don’t use condom because they already tested themselves before action.

You don’t just go and have sex with someone without condom because your pull out game is strong like those porn actors you watch.

If you don’t use condom, as you’re pulling out, you’re pulling out to STDs.


6. All Girls Should Moan Out Loud During Sex

It’s funny how girls in porn videos make loud noise.

Even the guy with small uncircumcised penis will make a girl go like, aaaash!! Oh yeah!! Harder baby!! in porn videos.

Because of these, some guys feel offended or not man enough when they are banging a girl and she’s not making noise.

Meanwhile, in reality, some girls are naturally not noisy, if you like, let your penis be as big like “sugarcane“, she will just be giving facial expression and not moan out loud.

In most cases,  prostitutes will moan out loud when you’re having sex with them.

It’s not because they are feeling you like that, they are just using the sound to finger your brain so that you can cum quick and they will move to the next customer.

So, a girl moaning out loud is not necessary like porn videos made it look.

NB: All in all, I don’t believe pornography should be anyone’s inspiration when it comes to sex as addictive it can be. And anything that results to excessive addiction is good for nobody. Just let love lead.

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