2020 – A year we had never experienced before.

Turn on the news, pick up the papers, listen to radios, browse on your computers and to all intents and purposes, this has been for billions of people all over the world, the year of the abnormal.

Who could have imagined? For the first time in living memory the whole world was literally shut down as ever busy roads, streets and cities grapples with the new realities of a ravishing virus, such that the world has never seen before.

Suddenly, wholesale changes has to be made, restrictions here and there, government enforced bans and restrictions on international and even domestic flights, trade, travelling and all sorts of social gatherings.

Gradually, full scale lockdowns and even quarantines on various parts of the globe. Spin doctors and conspiracy theorists where not left out as the prevalent fear of the unknown left many clutching at straws in a desperate bid to retain any semblance of reason as our world like we have come to know it continues to crumble like a pack of card before our very eyes.  

Then came death, oh! The deaths! Never in recent memory have human life been a little more than just numbers.

Daily, death tolls from all over the world across almost all continents; America, Europe, Asia and Africa; numbers steadily rose as days turned to weeks and weeks to months. Such high numbers of human casualty yet there were no wars, at least in the conventional sense of the word.

Death tolls steadily rose and worse still relatives couldn’t even claim the corpse of their loved ones. Heartbreaks and forced separations. Oh! 2020; Please be nice!

It seems all so distant in the past when beaches were full, when we could travel the world all over, connecting flights through continents, meeting strangers and making friends, when weddings and birthdays, thanksgiving and funerals alike, reunions and all manner of parties were wont to make our hearts glow with excitement and expectations for the warmth of family, the chattering with friends and in appreciation of the simple luxuries that nature and life affords.

Now all around is isolations and “stay at home”, “wear nose masks” and “face shields”; “wash your hands” and “avoid social contacts” the very fabrics of our basic humanity, the core values of our basic societies and yet the year is barely halved.

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Or what can we say of the economic effects of the global pandemic? What have become of very big and thriving economies all over the world falling into recession, of erstwhile global firms and economic sector giants positing losses as the global search for an effective vaccine continues in a world searching for answers as the reality of life altering pandemic sets in and we all come to realize that things will never be the same again. 2020! Enough already. Can’t we just call time out?

So what more can we do but to live and learn? For lessons to learn are much and deep;

That all humans are equal and no race is superior to another.

That family is everything and nothing is more important.

That nuclear warheads and missile defense systems are no more important than hospitals

That we as humans will need each other as long as we exist.

That wealth and power are really no security

That health is indeed wealth!

And on a lighter note; that cooking isn’t essentially for women and living a hygienic life isn’t really as difficult. So 2020, we have all learnt and evolved, we have never had it this tough and now you have made your point… we have had enough, now can you please be kind?

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