5 Annoying Things Unilorin Students Go Through

There are a lot of annoying things Unilorin students go through, some of them are listed below

Universitiy students go through alot of stress, it is very known. We have being able to gather 5 most annoying things Unilorin students pass through. Read through to know about them.


1. EXCESSES OF QUEUES: Too much of everything,they say isn’t a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, to queue is a good thing as long as it promotes orderliness but when it becomes a regular thingy,it’s one hell of a frustrating thing;especially right under the SUN.

I mean, you queue to enter banks, at ATM spots,at the park (after hours of tiresome lectures o), restaurants, exam halls, lecture theaters, you name it!

2. TRANSPORTATION: You have an 8am class on a Monday,you arrive at the bus-stop any later than 7:30am,then rush no more,for thou shall be no lesser than 20 minutes late because the distance from town to school is just like a journey of Egypt to Israel by foot.

Second scenario, you just finished a 6pm class (let’s say you get fortunate enough, the ‘workaholic’ lecturer releases you by 6:20pm).

Just have it at the back of your depressed mind that you’ll get home nothing earlier than 8pm after spending hours on the snake-like queue (Unless you shorten your way out. But if Cadet catch you, you will be taken to Tanke straight up).

3. FALSE RUMOURS: This is one notable annoying thing. Unilorites and false rumours are synonyms. Rumours like — Prof. A.G Ambali  said students will be given N10,000 each. UNILORIN is now number 1 in the Universe. CBT results will be out on the 31st of February.

Our Level Adviser gave birth to quadruplet. Freshers will be given ‘I-pad’. Sometimes I wonder what planet some students are from.

4. SUN: If the World Meteorological Organization had visited UNILORIN in 2012, they wouldn’t have named the ‘Death Valley’ the hottest place in the world. You go to school in the morning looking cool, bright and dapper but it’s your dark twin that will arrive in the afternoon.

The most annoying part about the Sun is its dehydrating aspect. So annoying. Going to the Bank Area by foot is like taking a voluntary walk to hell. It’s no different from carrying the sun on your head. Wearing caps and shades offers little/no help. One would wonder how the ‘Suit and Tie’ and ‘Varsity Jacket’ dudes cope.

5. HOSTEL PALAVA: Though this only happens during the first 6 weeks of resumption, but one can’t deny how funny it is. Some determined students will skip classes and lunch for 3 weeks just to sit in front of computers waiting patiently for the hostel portal to be opened. In the end, they still weren’t able to get one. How sorrowful.

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