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5 Unbelievable Facts About Nigerian Lecturers

This article will share with you some facts about Nigerian Lecturers, which are unusually strange, scroll down for more information

Many students in school are very frustrated about how some lecturers treat them. We’ve been able to compile 5 facts about Nigerian Lecturers that promises to be interesting.


1. Social Media Ego

Many of Nigerian tertiary institution’s lecturers do feel too big to comment on their students’ post on social media. It’s a clear difference between black lecturers and white lecturers.


2. Abuse of Power

Most Nigerian lecturers behave as if their students will not graduate for life. Some intentionally mass fail students to portray themselves as strict lecturers.


3. Laziness

Most Nigerian lecturers are lazy yet they want their students to be hardworking. They don’t consider themselves as bad examples for students.

4. Photocopying Lecturers

Some Nigerian lecturers textbooks are carbon copy of foreign authors. Still they will reject students’ project because they copied.


5. Poor Communication Skills

Some Nigerian lecturers’ spoken and written English language are very bad yet they will always deduct students marks for grammatical errors.

This doesn’t mean you can’t find a really good  Nigerian lecturer though.

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