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5 Ways To Be Productive In Your Activities

Some people in life always get lazy, others give up, they just don't know how well to engage in their activities to get a positive outcome, this article will be giving you 5 free ways on how to be very productive in your activities

These days people always get tired and lazy when it comes to bringing positivity in their line of work, duties or things that concern them which is very bad and dangerous.

This article will be providing you 5 good ways to increase your productivity in your activities.

Finding it hard to be productive and churn out results? These five steps will help you.

Everyone dreads Monday. You wake up and it seems you’re not ready for the huge work ahead. Even at weekends, there’s no rest, there’s a bit of work to be done and damn, it’s Monday already.

And while at work, there are distractions interrupting the flow of work and even before 5pm, you’re tired yet you’ve not done enough. But here’s a guide to be more productive and get more done than ever before.

1. Set goals for the day

Perhaps you approach work as if it’s a daily routine and it’s just the same old work. If you do this, you’ll get the same old results.

When you get to work in the morning, set goals. What are your expectations for the day? What’s your plan? What set of activities do you have in mind. Outline them. This will help you on being productive.

2. Set deadlines

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You don’t have much time. Even if you do, you’re creating a mindset of procrastination in your head and this will let you slack in the work to be done. Create a sense of urgency. The work needs to be done in 30minutes. That makes you proactive and allows you to do work more quickly.

3. Break task to small bits

If one of your goals is to meet 5 people in a day, break it down and set a timeframe for it. Meet Michael by 12.30pm, see Dele by 2pm.

Some of your goals might be overwhelming and might cause you not to achieve them. So, break them down.

4. Minimize Distractions

You know what distract you and takes a huge chunk of your time.

Chatting for long hours or watching a list of Instagram skits is counter productive and might interrupt work flow.

5. Lastly, Reward Yourself

The reward system is motivation. Draw out a plan where you do a batch of work and a reward comes in next. You create content for the next two hours and the reward could be a break. Or you reward yourself by taking a break.

There’s no perfect normal way to being productive. Discover yourself and know what works. Some people are more productive in the night and do more work at that time.

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