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7 Best Ways To Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship

This article contains 7 good ways to maintain long distance relationships, scroll down, read and enjoy

So many people today are always discouraged when they like a person and later found out the person didn’t like in the same location as them. In other words, they’re not fans of long distance relationship.

But there’s a way around it, long distance relationship can work just the same way short distance relationships works, if only the love, understanding and trust is genuine.

Below are 7 ways to maintain a long distance relationship. Follow up!

1. Discuss how you, as a couple, are going to approach being separated for long periods. Listen to each other. This might avoid conflict later.

2. Exchange daily routines and schedules. This avoids rounds of phone tag or cell phones ringing at inopportune times.

3. Draw up a weekly schedule for special communication time. For example, every week around the same time, the couple will meet for a video chat, or maybe there is a nightly goodnight phone call. Be realistic and don’t expect to stick too strictly to a schedule. It is merely a guide to help keep you on track.

4. Agree to write weekly or monthly letters or emails that recap the happenings that were forgotten or overlooked.

5. Mail your mate a box with thoughtful trinkets and forget-me-nots. Things such as photos, cards or love letters tell the other person you are thinking of her.

6. Send unexpected e-cards (electronic greeting cards available online, many for free) just to say hi or that you are thinking of him. A light-hearted e-card lightens the mood after a spat.

7. Add an element of excitement to your relationship. Surprise your loved one by planning a secret rendezvous. Make your scheduled time together special by changing the atmosphere. Meet somewhere between your respective cities to spend a full day or weekend together.

ABOVE ALL: Be honest about your true thoughts and feelings; So that you don’t hurt your love. Do not be afraid to express fear or doubt. Always realize that you cannot know what your partner is doing every minute of every day; So don’t disturb your humble mind with different thoughts. Trust one another truthfully and be loyal to each other.

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