OPINION: A Spotlight On The Asiwaju BAT From The Eastern Flank

asiwaju bat
A Spotlight on The Asiwaju From The Eastern Flank

Good morning sir,

I read your conversation with one of your readers of which I am equally one having also read the beautiful expository from which the conversation ensued.

I am Ugochukwu from IMO state in the south east; I have however lived and interacted with people outside of my zone extensively… Being born in Sabon Gari Minna, schooled in Enugu, started work in Lagos, PH, and back in Abia state working. I have at least a firsthand experience of diversity in Nigeria, let me also say that I presently have a sister in-law from Nasarawa.

Now to your conversation, I decided to reach out to you in support of the response you gave the reader.

First, I must commend your promotion (and I hope it passes the test of time) of idealism as the bedrock of a political party. That, we have seen is not the stock of our average politician in Nigeria. We so often have a dearth of men who will support and be true to the ideals of any party or organization, especially when personal interests are threatened.

Secondly sir, let me also say unequivocally, that the man Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is someone that all political, business, and even religious leaders in this country have something to learn from; and since charity begins at home, I will rather focus on leaders from my own south east zone.

Like you pointed out in your conversation, BAT’s investment in human capital development in Nigeria’s socio political space is unrivalled in our present times. I heard that the late Shehu Musa Yar Adua had also such investments but over time we have seen how such has panned out.

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Any man, who has employed, tutored or even managed a handful of people, adults, teenagers and kids alike, must have come to terms with the dire demands of such undertaking. How much more difficult is it not just to teach a grown man with lots of life experiences, emotional and economic egos.

BAT has been able to mentor leaders to prominence and a look at the retinue of young men appointed into sensitive government positions on both Lagos, NASS, And as presidential aides to the VP will tell you that that trend is already breeding a new set of leaders.

This, my good sir, is where the man is well above his contemporaries as a leader and from whence other leaders especially those of south east Nigeria needs to sit down and learn – the man has been a mentor to some of the most prominent progressive personalities in governance today.

It’s easy to glean at being a mentor to a successful man, but it can’t be so easy to forget all the sacrifices of time, of resources, of emotions, of overcoming doubts, of forgiveness and of putting ones reputation on the line for the sake of another, on the part of the mentor. Only one, I dare say of exceptional spirit and great leadership acumen could have successfully done this with lots of people with such an outstanding degree of success.

There’s a popular belief that Igbo’s hate BAT, I will quickly tell you sir, that is in context “a hate to love” as any well meaning person who aspires or genuinely desires leadership change in Nigeria cannot but love the man.

If only leaders especially political and business leaders of the south eastern region will imbibe this culture of not only taking in mentees, but having the patience, the goodwill, the heart to forgive and the forbearance to see their mentees become successful, we will be better.

Nowadays, no sooner than a young man goes to learn a trade, is he sent back on a flimsy excuse and yet BAT is a bad man. No sooner a man is appointed to a political position, his benefactor becomes threatened by his relevance and seeks to undo him, yet BAT is overbearing.

No sooner does a manager seek to register his own firm, than his erstwhile CEO seeks to ridicule him and tag him a thief. Yet it’s convenient to blame BAT for monopolizing government opportunities for his “stooges”

Let all who seek to contest or malign the personality of Asiwaju first show us any evidence of their investment in human capital development the likes of which BAT has successfully done for over two decades.

As an aside, let me also state, that within the south east, I have seen a man who though remotely has consistently invested and continues to support human capital development and it’s little wonder he is active in this PMB administration.

The current minister of state for mines and steel development, Dr Sampson Uche Ogah is very worthy of every commendation being a new breed of politician interested in human capital development not just within the south east but all over Nigeria.

As a youth he gives opportunities to youths, his masters’ energy group has in its payroll men and women from all ethnic groups in the country. And his aides and staff are from Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba. A truly detribalized Nigerian and a human capital development enthusiast.

May God bless you sir and I wish you a great political career.

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