Are Coursera Certificates Worth It In 2021?

coursera certificates

Online education certifications such as Coursera certificates has always been debates as to the value it hold before employers in todays job seeking market/fresh graduates. It is no doubt that the educational system has transitioned into a digital era due to the pandemic (COVID-19). As much as this has brought pain, loss and unpleasant memories, as humans, we strive to continue learning – looking for alternative means to amass knowledge.

MOOC-platforms like Coursera attract millions of students signing up for free, or low-cost, online courses. But what about their value for the student?

What are Courses Certificates?

Coursera certificates are official credentials that confirms to anyone that you successfully completed a course on coursera. The document is more is less like a diploma that is offered by coursera.

There has been an explosion of online courses and online platforms where these courses are offered. As our lives get busier and the need for knowledge increases as old knowledge is hurriedly being replaced, people are turning to online classes for knowledge and information. After the successful completion of a course there is need for an evidence that this knowledge was attained.

coursera certtificates

All the certificates earned on the Coursera earned on the platform can be found on the accomplishment page from where you can download, print or share. Courses you completed that didn’t offer you any certificate can also be seen there. What are the things that appear on a courser certificate

  1. The course name .
  2. The signature of the instructors 
  3. The logo of the partner institution that provides the content on the platform.
  4. A verifications url that allows anyone to confirm the authenticity of the certificate.
  5. A state that coursera has conformed the identity of the learner and verified that the learner has completed the course in question and met all the requirements for the award of the certificate for which he has received.

Things that do not appear on a course certificate 

  1. Academic credit from a partner institution which offered the course
  2. The final grade you got in the course
  3. Your ID photo
  4. The hours spent working on the course work.
  5. Certificates are not sent as mailed copies but available as downloadable forms which you can also share

Are Coursera Certificates worth it?

There are many practical reason why many people take online courses and it is only natural that after completing a course you should receive a certificate of completion. But are coursera certificates worth it?

People who take the online course have a choice to get a paid certificate and few do. The cost can be anything between $49 dollars to $300 and the question being asked is wether just gaining the knowledge is not enough. Why pay for a certificate when the knowledge was offered free since the certification doesn’t actually show that you learnt anything or that you even did the assignments and took the required reading.

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Disadvantage of Course Certificates

Let’s look at some of the reasons why people pay for a verified certificate . On the top of the list is the need for career advancement but it is well known that many employers don’t accept MOOC certificates. Besides what employers are interested in are demonstrable skills.

Advantage of Coursera certificates

Research has show that completion rate of free online courses is as low as 15% but for paid courses, that is courses that award certificates, the completion rate increases to as high as 59%. This shows that pay are growing for a certificate provide incentive to even acquire the knowledge.

Specialisation courses on MOOC has the chance of actually increasing your career prospects where marketable skills are involved. The good news about these certification courses is that big cooperations are getting involved and soothe acceptance of the programs are increasing and soon they will be the industry standard. there is more information on the coursera website 


3 Insights from Recruiters:

  1. Testaments from online courses are perceived by businesses

Most spotters from enormous organizations think about online courses and have seen testaments previously. In the event that the capability acquired in the online course is pertinent, they consider endorsements to be invaluable for a candidate.

  1. Occupation importance should be clear

A few scouts explicitly referenced that online courses recorded on an application ought to be pertinent to the work position. In the event that the online course can be appeared to show pertinent abilities for the work being referred to, remembering endorsements for applications can be a smart thought.

  1. Online courses can show individual responsibility

Since online courses are gone to generally intentionally, this exertion shows responsibility with respect to the student. Since selection representatives and organizations like proactive workers, showing testaments from online courses can uphold the employment form.

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