Bitter Sugar

bitter sugar





Those were the effects my room-mate’ conversations with her Fiance had on me while they courted in our final year.

Yes, I had always dreamt and hoped to marry a Man that is big on God and romance. I had this tucked in somewhere around my to-do list after graduation.

But Sometime around final year,  this to-do became a triggered burning desire.

Ijay burned….

I just kept consoling myself with the fact that God created emotions and the nerve endings that trigger desires.
Oh yes, he did.

This day,  friday noon, a sharp misunderstanding happens over the phone and my friend cuts the call and begins to perform anger around the whole room.

He had hurt her with words and She couldn’t help getting teary.  
My phone beeps around 10pm and I get to understand that Mr fiance is by the door.

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Guy legit drove  into the night, for hours,  unchaperoned, to be sure his bae sleeps good 
I was overly impressed and genuinely happy for her.

Yours truly  couldn’t sleep well that night.
I prayed for God to send me my Man. The one that would love me,  even more than what I see.

I fantasized so much too.I had him sit and dine with me and our three Children.

And tuck me in bed much later at night.
 I did wake up the day after, and reality dawned on me again.

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