Bitter Sugar

Yearning Craving Burning Longing…. Those were the effects my room-mate’ conversations with her Fiance had on me while they courted in our final year. Yes, I had always dreamt and hoped to marry a Man that is big on God and romance. I had this tucked in somewhere around my to-do list after graduation. But… Continue reading Bitter Sugar

Flames of Love

Is there anything more complicated, more confusing, and more agonizingly delightful than love? Oh, the one time I was discharged from the hospital and didn’t want to go home! I just wasn’t in a hurry.This doctor, everything.Passionate, Responsible, Reassuring, Humourous, Ethical. “I like him already”, I thought to myself, then I am secretly nursing he… Continue reading Flames of Love

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Fierce Spice

I’m in that place where scenarios are playing non-stop in my head. That of Greg stuck! A tightening of his grip on my arm, my heart stuttered and my breath seemed clogged in my throat The air was thick with unspoken words and I read longing in his gaze, a longing that matched mine perfectly.… Continue reading Fierce Spice

150+ Cute Things to say to your Girlfriend in Person or via Text

In this article we are going to go through more than 200+ cute things to say to your girlfriend to spice up her day and make her love you more. When it involves telling the lady you’re keen on how you are feeling , does one struggle? You’ll not know what to mention to your girlfriend, especially if you’re more of a showing rather than telling quite guy. But while words might not always… Continue reading 150+ Cute Things to say to your Girlfriend in Person or via Text