Why You Should Cultivate the Age-Long Habit of Walking


Walking has been an age long practice of humans made possible by the presence of our limbs which are made for the purpose of balance and movement. 

Walking is described as a weight bearing exercise because you get to carry your own weight. It’s a rhythmic movement of the legs which involves placing one leg in front of another resulting in a forward motion. 

Walking has served and continues to serve a wide range of purposes such as Leisure, transportation, Exercise etc. 

At this point I want to point out that as a form of exercise, walking is the most underrated. Many people prefer other forms of exercises such as running, skipping etc. which are more vigorous because they feel it’s more effective. After reading the benefits of walking you surely would change your mind if you are in that category. 

To some other people still walking is suffering or punishment especially in our technology driven age where there are more sophisticated means of transport. 

People prefer to use their cars or bikes to move even a short distance. This is because a lot of people are unaware and ignorant of the wonderful health benefits of this highly commonized exercise. 

Walking Vs Other Forms of Exercise.

One great thing about walking is that it can be done by just anyone, adult or child without the need for any special equipment or training. Walking is simple and free. You don’t have to pay any money to take a walk. 

Walking works with the principle of the more the better i.e. walking improves your health no matter how little you engage in it. 

Also, working can be done at any time of the day and at your own pace. It gives you a level of control over your exercise time. 

Walking is ideal for those who are super busy and can’t find time to go to the gym or to stay in one place working out. This is because it’s easy to incorporate into your schedule.

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You can achieve other great things alongside walking such as movement to a particular location, spending quality time with Loved ones, Meditation and just fun and a means of relaxation especially when surrounded by nature. 

Walking briskly for 30 minutes per day on most days of the week unlocks a wide range of health benefits for you such as

  • Increased Cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness.
  • Walking helps to keep your heart and lungs in normal state of health enabling these special organs to carry out their work optimally.
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases and even some cancers. 
  • Walking improves management of conditions such as high blood pressure, joint and muscular stiffness or pain and diabetes etc. 
  • Walking results in an increase in endurance and muscle strength.
  • Walking builds up the muscles making it easier to go about daily activities without feeling unduly tired. 
  • Walking also promotes stronger bones and increases balance. Increase in bone strength is very important especially in elderly people whose bones tend to get weaker, so that frequent falls will be avoided.
  • Walking is able to keep the body healthy and fit because it aids reduction of body fat (excess weight) which is a major underlying cause of many diseases. 
  • Walking is the best form of exercise for those who have not exercised in a long time and for elderly people. It helps them build their fitness capacity gradually. 

How to Make Walking Part of You

Use  the stairs instead of an elevator 

When you are going to get something from the local shops around your neighborhood or going to check on a friend, walk instead of drive. 

When taking public transport drop some distance away from your destination and walk the rest of the way .

Walk around while praying or go for prayer walks sometimes instead of just staying in one place every time. 

To achieve maximum result, brisk walking (you are able to talk but not sing) for 30 minutes per day most days in the week is required. If you can’t achieve this at a stretch due to your schedule, you can break it down to 10 minutes 3 times a day. 

 For those who haven’t done exercise in a while, build up your fitness capacity gradually, don’t go beyond your cardiac limit. Don’t overstress yourself. Your Pace would increase as your fitness capacity increases.

Cheers to Health 

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