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Easiest Way For Beginners To Trade Cryptocurrencies

This article will aid readers, especially those who are new to Cryptocurrencies and the various platforms on how well to trade and how easy they can trade, scroll down for more information

In this computer age, it is very important for every one to have knowledge of the online market, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Many do not have knowledge of it, based on online currencies, they can be termed illiterate, which isn’t good.

This article will aid anyone who has zero or little knowledge on cryptocurrencies and how to trade on them easily, especially for begginers.


Yes, indeed, every single cryptocurrency site tries to develop its software. It is easy to develop a new product in this sphere but the market is overheated like never before.


Each wallet needs to break the wall of disbelief in that product. And numerous cases of phishing naturally don’t help with that.


After the big analytic work, we decided that one of the trusty brands for rookies is Coinbox. This service is working worldwide and provides you plenty of coins, so we need to take the most detailed look at it.

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Why Coinbox is so good for the beginners

Simplicity and variety. That’s it. You don’t need endless features. Every single wallet place advertising about unique opportunities. But for the total newcomers, the main question is how to successfully start, not how to be a professional.


But Coinbox offers you more. Yes, it’s pretty simple but not primitive. It provides you very reliable options of security and charges no fees for the transactions. So you can make your first crypto investments with better profit and better general efficiency.


The login and verification of are very simple. But the wallet is completely safe. Unlike the other software brands, Coinbox has no negative backstories about stealing bitcoins or just problems with payments.


If you are an African, Asian, or American resident, you have the fastest way to send your assets to the EU with Coinbox. It is one of the most convenient ways to make your first investment at all. Try this platform, it is available in a browser and mobile app.


How do I start?

The steps for rookies are:


1. Visit and download its application. You can also use the browser version but the separate wallet in your phone is just more convenient;

2. Register yourself. Here is your main tab of the system.

3. Tweak your security level, national currency, enable notifications in the “Settings” section. If you have any questions you can contact the great customer support.

4. Now you can start trading. Choose the “Buy” tab if you want to make a purchase (many coins are available), or you can sale your BTC in the proper tab using a convenient way of selling: to your bank account or PayPal.

5. For the success of your trading, you need to check the current exchange rates. They all are placed in the “Prices” section. In the appropriate section you can also easily exchange any cryptocurrency.

6. In the “Invite” section you can share your referral code with your friends and get the nice bonuses: you can receive up to 80% commission of friends’ transactions.

7.  The Coinbox wallet also supports staking and rewards for select cryptocurrencies. In contrast to proof-of-work coins like Bitcoin, which are secured through mining, proof-of-stake coins are secured through staking.

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Users can participate in the network’s consensus process by temporarily locking or “staking” their coins, and earn staking rewards in return.


Currently, the Coinbox wallet supports staking for Algorand (ALGO), which is one of the most popular proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies on the market.


Users can expect an APY (annual percentage yield) of around 5.46% when staking ALGO.

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