Fierce Spice

fierce spice

I’m in that place where scenarios are playing non-stop in my head.

That of Greg stuck!

A tightening of his grip on my arm, my heart stuttered and my breath seemed clogged in my throat

The air was thick with unspoken words and I read longing in his gaze, a longing that matched mine perfectly.

“Excuse me” I managed to say, slowly disentangling myself from the grip. Frustrated that he’d shown me a glimpse of what he had been struggling with since he joined the choir, he finally spoke.

“I know how uncharacteristically contrite this might sound, I’m sorry if I stepped out of line.  Thing is, I am growing very fond of you and I don’t want to miss this ‘after rehearsal ritual’ we share”.

In the silence that followed, he stood still. His gaze, intensified.

An hour ago, I had thrown his name out into the eerie quiet blanketing the street of Ewet Have Estate.

My ear had ached from the roaring rush of wind as my panicked face flicked over the devastation the complex collapse had wrought, disbelief and sorrow flooding over me.

Fear clutching my midsection at the flash of the incident. I breathed another prayer, a mixture of gratitude for his safety and supplication for those who might have been victims.

The joy in my soul when  he came out unhurt, unscathed! The sound of sirens approaching, broke the silence that had held the town in thrall.
Emergency vehicles on their way!

Other than the synchrony that the different voice parts births, I also looked forward to Fellowship after Fellowship, a time of connect before heading home from rehearsals.

Our Lead singers, Steve and Pat, got me so engaged that Greg traced me through my laughter.

“Hi, are you going my way?” He cleared his throat as he caught his balance.
My starved heart fed on his attention and his gentle consideration.

“I so love this air freshener in your car”, I breathed out. Just then, I  got hold of a chilled drink in between our seats.

It was his custom to take a sip of whatever drink he ordered for me before it got to me.

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“You know you blow me away with this very act right?, more like you can die in my stead”. He gave me a mischief full glance and we rode on.

“Baby, you are a treasure, I don’t want to have you engaged for long, I have a two year course that would take me out of town, I desire we make a home together,how ready are you for Marriage?”

I shot him a puzzled glance
“Can you wait for two years?”

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