Find Out The Perfect Bra According To Your Body Type

So many woman do not know the right bra for them, this is why they're seen with the wrong ones and most not having any knowledge of the right ones at all, scroll down to find your ideal bra

A lot of woman feel very uneasy whenever they wear bras. Why? Because they have the feeling that they might have been wearing the wrong thing all along. Believe it or not, every woman under the face of Earth has a particular type of bra that fits her body type.


Believe it or not, women all over the globe, even in the current Gen Z & Millennial age are wearing the wrong bra. With the lingerie industry booming leaps and bounds, finding the right bra can be quite a tedious task.

You not only have a wide range of styles, colors and fabrics to choose from, splurging on bras that cater to your body type and shape has become one of the topmost priorities.

For bras to look good underneath your figure flattering T-shirts and for it to have a seamless look, use underwired bras that will uplift your girls.

We help you nail a few essential and much-needed styles and give you all the deets on which body type they suit the best. Ladies, make notes and get ready to splurge on your favorites.

Beautiful Bralettes

Who doesn’t love to spend on some fancy bralettes? With the wide range of styles and patterns available, bralettes have been trending with almost every age group.

Don some fancy vibrant bralettes on your beach vacation or slide them under you summer-y tank tops, bralettes work just as beautiful with your casual attire as they do underneath your formal blazers.

Majority of these much-loved bralettes cater to every body shape and size, but if you ladies come under the ‘heavy chest’ bracket, opt for bralettes come with a thick and snug under-band.

This ensures your girls are right where they need to be while you’re busy having some fun in the lingerie department.

While bralettes may come attached with the wrong reputation — that they’re only meant for women with smaller breasts, it’s time for the D cup ladies to prove every one of these stigmas wrong. Opt for bolder hues, tropical prints, and mod designs if your planning to tag your go-to bralettes on your next getaway!

The Underwire Bras

Pretty much a household staple, underwire bras are more like a need than just an option. From doing all the heavy lifting to helping your cleavage look better than ever, underwire bras give you bosoms just about the right push.

An ideal pick for ladies with C, D and D + cups, underwire bras work truly like a miracle.  If you, on the other hand, are facing any sort of discomfort, poking and pinching due to the underwire, then it’s about time you got yourself measured at the nearest store.

Any signs of uneasiness caused by your underwired bras basically mean one and only one thing — you’re wearing the wrong size. If your breasts are wider splurge on underwired bras where the metal wire is more broad on the width.

This way, you’re breasts and you will be more at ease, as you slide into your trusted and loyal underwired bras.

Balconette Bras

Balconette bras work beautifully on smaller chested women. Falling under the demi category, balconette bras are your ideal option if your breasts come under the ‘slope shape’ category.

This basically means that the weight of your breast tissue is more towards the bottom, unlike women with bigger breasts, who tend to have more weight on the top.

Providing you minimal coverage, balconette bras give your bosoms a natural boost, under all your plunging and envy- inducing gowns. ‘

Available in romantic laces and sultry sheer fabrics, consider this a classic melange of style and comfort.

Ditch these balconette bras if your a size D, as it will cause nothing but spillage.

The Plunge Bra

A year-round winner for every body type – Plunge bras!

While plunge bras are all you need to don underneath your daredevil, cleavage-baring and deep V-neck dresses, they easily double up as life saviors for women with a slope shape breast.

Be it smoothing out your bosoms or giving them maximum coverage while giving them a natural looking lift, plunge bras are pretty much god sent for women all around the globe.

The next time you have a fancy soirée to attend and a jaw-dropping gown to don, you now know whose door you need to be knocking first. From teenagers to middle-aged, and even the old, plunge bras will be your favorite new silhouette in the lingerie section.

The Push Up Bra

It’s time to get your favorite new splurge–push-up bras–to do all the heavy lifting. From sagging breasts to bosoms that need a bit more rounder look, push up bras were invented to save them all.

With the lingerie industry booming, push up bras seem to be the new rage in town. They also come with extra padding, just in case you want your girls to feel more fuller and uplifted.

From A cups to D+, push up bras can be considered as every girl’s best kept intimate secret.

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