Flames of Love


Is there anything more complicated, more confusing, and more agonizingly delightful than love?

Oh, the one time I was discharged from the hospital and didn’t want to go home!

I just wasn’t in a hurry.
This doctor, everything.
Passionate, Responsible, Reassuring, Humourous, Ethical.

“I like him already”, I thought to myself, then I am secretly nursing he gets into my room all by himself, not having any nurse, work and walk with.

In the most friendly manner, he slides the thermometer to check my temperature, his hands, feeling my palms graciously and knowledgeably, analysing them as he makes for a sit opposite my bed.

I look through his eyes and all I see is a man whose pendulum dangles between professionalism and a rage of emotions!

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And in his most masculine baritone, “I will be discharging you today but would suggest you leave tomorow, is that okay”?
Bond, we did.

He’s single!!And born-again!!
I fell yakatahhh.

Y”all know he fell before I fell.
We both fell.

Really, pinning down a definition for love is impossible.
Instead, it’s better to understand it by matching it against various themes of feelings.

Overwhelming or subtle feelings of need, affection, attachment, and bond.
Sudden and explosive emotions.

A desire to commit to another person and stay with them
A longing for another person when they are not around.
We began seeing.

Marriage gets into the big picture and I am audibly fascinated!
Over the moon with excitement!

And wanted it as much as he did, much more even.
This day, discussion gravitates around getting to know my genotype.
Alas! We are both AS!

I died!
And died severally!!!!

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