Greed, Gambling & Pornography –The Satanic Triplet (Traps) 1

greed gambling pornography

There’s no doubting that the potential for a sustained secret evil lurks in all of us. For many of us, it is the lack of opportunity and/ or the fear of possible exposure that usually keeps us from overt sins e.g. greed, gambling, pornography, stealing, rape.

Maybe, it is the prayer of our parents, family or friends, the influence of church or fellowship that has given us the strength to say no to the temptation(greed, online gambling, pornography, stealing, rape) carefully hidden along our paths.

The simple truth is that nobody is immune to the temptation(greed, gambling, pornography) that abounds, and given the right circumstances, a bit of curiosity or just plain old euphoria, any one of us can fall into any of Satan’s deadly traps.

We all know in our long and short existence, of many fine people (even good Christians) who in a moment of inordinate passion or weakness, have lost what took them years and even lifetimes to build and cherish.

Families, marriages, money, careers, fame, and reputation have all gone down the drain just because someone bought into the lie to indulge “briefly” in one “harmless fun”. For although God’s forgiveness is available, the consequences of our foolish choices and greed can cost us many years and set us down a slippery path from which some may never come back from again.

Granted we hardly set out to become addicts or to entangle ourselves in dirty habits like gambling and pornography, but in life, situations often present us with choices, and more often than not we are tempted to take “advantage” of these deceitful pleasures, not fully grasping that they are often traps set by the enemy of our soul to rather take advantage of us and derail us from the path of our walk of God and get us into a lifestyle of erosion of character and personal ruin.

The problem is that we are so enticed by quick pleasures that we hardly notice or just don’t take the time to calculate the often hidden price tag of indulging in most of our human weaknesses.

It’s often so easy to follow the path of least resistance and indulge the most bases of our fleshly desires oblivious of the fact that the cost of our negligence abounds. Even on the occasion when our conscience seeks to nudge us aright, often we seem to esteem the price of indulgence too lightly to care only to find out much later that what started as harmless dabbling has become a full-blown addiction, secret vice and that the promise of sensual fulfillment is nothing but an illusion.

Never before in the history of mankind has there been a huge avalanche of information available on a global scale with little or no effort. Ours is the most informed generation and sadly, the most distracted generation.

The discipline to sieve what is right from wrong of all the pieces of information that bombards us daily is even more important in the face of an increasingly technologically driven lifestyle.

There are more and more opportunities to be ensnared by satanic pleasures and sin today than at any other time in history.

As if the days of print media and billboards with seductive images were not enough, the advent of the internet (once heralded as the masterstroke of the information age) with its endless free streams of pornography, gambling opportunities, and creativity for addictive and destructive fantasies has thrown the doorways of hellish assault on our minds and sensibilities open; sowing seeds of bitter fruits in many young and undiscerning minds.

Parenting is now a more difficult task, divorce is at an all-time high and climbing, theft, fraud, rape and all sorts of societal ills on the daily steady increase within our society are all symptoms of our collective and individual indulgence in secret sins and addictions.

Those of us who have never been caught up in these traps have nothing to boast about and only God to thank for it. For we must always humbly be aware that a simple decision can trigger a series of domino effects that is capable of destroying the rest of our lives or alter the course of our lives, family and work.

So be warned, those of us who are currently tempted to explore the avenues of deceitful temptations, that in taking a step along these sinful paths, we may receive much more than we bargained for and get into a struggle for freedom that is so difficult and extreme it becomes easier to accept defeat.

As we begin, let it be known that this series is very much a warning for me as much as it is for you my reader; bearing in mind the biblical injunction, “let him that thinks that he stands, be careful lest he falls”.

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