Greed, Gambling & Pornography –The Satanic Triplet (Traps) 2


GREED  (The secret Abuser) – See v.1 Here

The truth ladies and gentlemen is, that greed is for want of better words, is  the most subtle of traps. For no one can identify greed without an honest introspection the likes of which we are most likely to overlook.

So more often than not, greed, like a weed, finds a home in our hearts and grows and festers until buoyed by the prevalent system of our modern world and civilization we can no longer sift the weed from the fruits.

Because we live in a world that is driven by consumerism and credit cards, “the love of things” seems both harmless and acceptable by today’s standard.

One can often take it today and pay later and so the appetite for “more in the moment” is ever wet. We hardly can see that greed lies at the very heart of consumerism and at its best, it is often a tendency to respond to the myriads of advertising that so often bombards us every day; while at its worst, it is a self-centered narcissism empowered by affluence, a lack of self meaning and a resistance to God.

Greed has many different and subtle forms. It is not just found in the addicted gambler or in the obsessed Wall Street trader, it’s not exclusive to the rich and wealthy as it is even more prevalent with those who will live beyond their means.

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Some men refuse to give their wives money, not for lack of it but for stinginess. For so many others alike, money is so closely identified with who they are that the thought of parting with it is so unbearable they commit suicide.

Greed is in the employer who will rather owe his workers wages and be extremely rich than pay them and be sufficient.

 The seed of greed is planted when we are discontent with what we have and we so often go borrowing or scheming.

It is the discontentment that basically lies at the heart of our struggle with greed, that we so often dismiss as ambition which is good.

The lure of big and easy money has the power to make even decent people compromise their principles and on this rock, many lives have been dashed.

Greed has two great friends, first is covetousness which is the desire to also have what other people possess. The thoughts that we deserve same or even better be it of ;homes, marriage, cars, children, spouse, bank account, that others do have.

This kind of thought impulses is often so subtle that we do quickly regard it as a part of the normal course of life and nothing sinful.

Then comes Envy the second of greed’s friends, a feeling of resentment or ill will at another’s good fortune simply because we believe or wish we would have been the one to enjoy such.

More often, envy masks itself in our heart behind a cloak as admiration and only the truly discerning can be alert to a festering very subtle resentment of another person’s good fortune.

In the Holy Bible, greed is said to be idolatry and little wonder the first commandment that,” you shall have no other god before me”  and the last commandment, “you shall not covet…,” are actually the same because covetousness is active rivalry against God.

Eve coveted being like God, Lots wife coveted Sodom, David coveted his neighbor’s wife and for it Lucifer was thrown down from heaven.

You see, greed crouches like a beats within our hearts and is so much a part of us that we cannot see it except we search objectively.

Not so long ago, wonder banks and ponzi schemes were running wild over the length and breathe of our country.

Investors were promised heavy sums as returns some within very ridiculously small period of time and even though red flags were raised here and there and regulatory bodies warned of an impending disaster, many people insisted that ‘the taste of the pudding was in the eating’ and went ahead to lose millions in the eventual demise of the scheme.

The truth of the matter is that for most humans, the lure of easy money is so powerful and can corrupt the best of intentions. Dangle big money in the face of someone and they might just throw aside the most dearly held principle to get it.

Or how many times have we seen families and relatives torn apart by the sharing of a will from their wealthy parent?  The law can force people to make outward changes, but only God can change the hearts and motivations of men.

So watch out, be on your guard against all forms of greed because, “a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”

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