Growing up in an average Nigerian home | Ep. 1

Growing up in an average Nigerian home

I had a sole dream to go to school, come out with a good grade, and be the best of my dream profession to the highest level of it all. These were my dreamsand aspirations. Growing up in an average Nigerian home; my journey begins.


When Growing up in an average Nigerian home, education was/is a mustfor some homes.

I sat for my West Africa Examination council (WAEC), National Examination council (NECO) as well as my Joint Admission and matriculation board exams  where I made my papers but couldn’t get to the cut off mark of my dream profession “LAW”.

I was rather offered Mass communication as my second choice which I turned down, and rather opted to sit for Jamb the next year; meanwhile at this time I was just seventeen (17) years of age.

Soon, the following year came, I sat for Jamb and made above the cut off mark and my name was among the primary list, wow I was filled with excitement , knowing that if I didn’t pass this time, I am on my own as my father had made it crystal clear that he would never bribe any ones way through school irrespective of the level, this he had kept because I had three elder ones already in the higher institution.

The journey to School

The journey to achieving my greatest dream started as preparations were made and I headed to the higher institution to go study my dream course  at the age of eighteen (18) very young, vibrant and full of life.

Growing up in an average Nigerian home, distraction of any sort was a no no for me as my father will always stress on the need to stay focused  and bring back a good grade with his constant slogan of ‘ do not disappoint me.

So my activities in school was strictly fellowship and books meaning I never had, neither did I create room for the usual opposite sex relationship as found in most higher institutions today, as that translated to a huge distraction‘.

It is too early to forget to mention/ Did I mention that asides campus opposite sex relationships, I actually vowed never to get married as that again would disrupt my academic/ Professional pursuit.

First Relationship

I had a friend who is like a family friend , we have been in the same youth church in my local church before I gained admission, so he asked me out, I accepted and gave my own conditions of the relationship in my head that was going to work, hahaha.

We started ‘dating’ according to the name he gave it and I was so cool with it. There I was deceiving myself it wasn’t the same as dating in school.

We went on for about two (2) years , and the request that broke the camels back was made against my self acclaimed ethics / rules /law.

He was asking for SEX. Ehh! Ahh, I gave him the insult of his life and called it quit that is if I was actually dating 😂😂😄.  Still with the maindset of growing up in an average Nigerian home.

After a while he came apologizing and changed it to marriage as he didn’t want to loose me, that again made him my enemy because that sounds like an abomination to me, he gave up after I embarked on a journey to frustrate all his efforts of reaching me.

My Journey

Interestingly I had this Uncle of mine that loves me to bits, Uncle Richard. Each time he is coming back from Lagos (where he resides) down to the village, it is mandatory for me to go ahead of him and leave after he had left. So on this particular occasion I had gone home to my parents to make my hair and head to the village.

On getting to the park, I was the last person to board the vehicle, just as we were about departing, a woman who sat next to me got a call thus had to drop down from the vehicle.

As I looked up my eyes locked with a certain young, handsome ‘guy’, who was coming in to take the place of the woman who just left.

After we exchanged pleasantries, we chatted from the park to the village , we did exchanged contacts and parted ways.

Then it started when……….. Read more

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