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Guide To Getting Your Online Journalism Career Started

Online journalism is a common career aspiration, and for good reason. Working from home, writing about things that interest you, and accruing a following that looks up to you and your opinions are all tantalizing options for a career that many covet. However, being successful as an online journalist is not easy. There are thousands upon thousands of other smart, talented, driven people gunning for the same job that you are, and for most of them, it will not work out. If you want to be serious about writing online, you will have stiff competition. Read on for some tips to stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself.


Online Journalism

Web Content Writing Rule Everyone Should Know

The first thing to remember is that building a following for your writing is a slow burn. If you are going to be a successful online journalist, you will need to start out by working for yourself and putting out a lot of content for free before people start biting. Getting a job writing for a company is something that is almost never available to someone who does not already have a name.

Because getting to the point where you get paid anything at all takes so long, it is important not to put the cart before the horse. Online writers almost universally work a day job to pay the bills while they write on the side. Those that don’t are very successful, or have family or a spouse or savings account supporting their dreams. Do not fall into the trap of thinking you need to quit your job and dive head first into writing. Most writers take a long time to become successful.


How to Become a Successful Writer and Work Full-Time at a Day Job

That said, your first step is to set up a website. You will want something clean and professional, that does not look like a teenager’s blog. If you have the skill to make your website, go for it. However, that is not strictly necessary. Sites like WordPress provide a great engine on which to build a site that is unique to you while still being clean and functional. Want a newspaper style site then WordPress has that. Virtually any design or template is available.

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