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Guidelines To Consider Before Buying A Covid-19 Protective Gear

Scroll down for guidelines to knowing what to do before purchasing a Covid-19 Protective Gear for yourself, family and friends

Many people do not know certain guidelines need to be taken before one can purchase a nose mask, face mask or a protective gear.  And because of this, most people have fall victim to buying fakes, losing their money or even contracting the virus.

The global pandemic has brought about several necessary changes in terms of how people should get through with their day to day activities.

Since it is already imperative for people to go out to jump-start the economy, it will prove to be more challenging to mitigate contagion.

Nevertheless, it is possible as long as people conform to the mandatory physical distancing, as well as wearing the essential Covid-19 protective gear such as face masks, face shields, gowns, jackets, and pants when needed.

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In line with this, below are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when buying these Covid-19 protective gear.

Face Mask

One of the primary protective gear that you should never forget whenever you need to go out and interact with others is the use of a face mask.

Contrary to popular belief, a face mask will not protect you directly from getting the virus, but, you are protecting others from getting the virus in case you are a carrier of the virus.

In a sense, wearing a face mask is more of protecting other people, which is why it is still important to inhibit the further spread of the virus. Nevertheless, certain face masks filter the particles from the air that you breathe.

Thus, when buying a face mask, the first thing that you need to consider is the kind of material that you need to use based on your purpose for wearing it. As seen on, N95 face respirators offer the most protection, which is why this is the face mask utilized by health care providers in the front lines.

You also have the option of wearing a disposable surgical face mask, which is considered to be more effective compared to cloth-made face masks when it comes to filtering air particles, droplets, and sprays. However, since these are disposable, you can only use them once, unlike cloth face masks that are washable.

It is also important that your face mask fits well enough to cover your nose, as well as your mouth to be able to offer maximum protection. Nevertheless, it should also not be too constricting that after a few hours of use, it already hurts your ears.

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Face Shield and Eye Protection

Aside from face masks, another Covid-19 protective gear that you can use whenever you need to go out for your errands is a face shield or goggles for your eye protection.

This is because droplets carrying the virus can also get into your system through your eyes. Aside from this, when you are wearing a face shield or goggles, it is less likely for you to scrub your eyes and pass any virus present in your hands because of touching contaminated surfaces.

When buying a face shield or goggles, the first thing that you need to consider is your comfort, which means that you need to find a face shield that is not only easy to wear but perfectly fits too.

In this case, perhaps it is better to go for face shields which are worn similar to how you will wear glasses rather than the ones that need to be strapped through your head.

Alongside this, you also need to think about the material used in making the shield because some materials are only suitable to be used a couple of times, while others can be used long after proper disinfection.

Gowns, Jackets, and Pants

While not always mandatory, there are instances wherein you may have to wear a whole personal protective suit, which includes a gown or a jacket, as well as pants.

For instance, you need to go to the hospital where there are known Covid-19 positive cases, or you need to render help and support to a person infected with the virus. In this case, make sure that your gown or jacket, as well as your pants properly fits you to ensure that you are comfortable.

It is also important that your personal protective equipment is durable and made from high-quality materials.

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It is important to adapt to the new normal brought about by the global pandemic, which includes wearing the proper protective gear as necessary whenever you need to go out.

In doing so, you will be able to reduce the chance for you to contract the virus, but make sure that in parallel to this, you also practice proper social distancing.

Rest assured that in the end, humankind will eventually get through this pandemic as long as there is cooperation and consideration from each one.

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