Important Tips On How To Pass WAEC

Examination In Flying Colors After laying hold on the timetable, there are some other things that you need to put in place to guaranty your success in this exam. They include:

Never Allow Panic To Engulf Your Heart: A common error made by some WAEC candidates is based on their fear of passing the exam.

This is a very bad way to approach this exam. Irrespective of how prepared you’re prior to this exam, you will definitely fail it if you panic while writing the examination.

If you must come out in flying colors in your WAEC examination, you must first deal with your fear. Approach this exam with a courageous and optimistic heart, never allow the terrible experiences you have gotten or heard about WAEC determine your level of confidence before or during the exam.

Check WAEC Timetable Here

  • Start Reading As Early As Possible Though there is no specific time to start reading for WAEC exam, ensure that you begin your preparation as soon as possible. Many candidates usually wait till after examination timetable is released before they start reading, which is one of the reasons why most of them failed after the whole thing.
  • Avoid Examination Malpractice Many students failed WAEC examination because their preparation and studies are not enough as they trust in their smartness in malpractice. Malpractice is illegal and it will definitely give you poor grades if you are caught.
  • Use The Waec Syllabus As Your Study Guide To ensure that you don’t study off point, the examination council has prepared a syllabus which comprises of the topics where exams will set. So learn to study with it if you must come out in flying color.

Here Official WAEC Website Here

The Importance Of WAEC Timetable2021/2022

Apart from the fact that Timetable gives you the chance to know the date and time for each of your registered subjects, it can also influence your chances of passing the examination. This is because it performs the following functions:

  • It helps you to rearrange your personal reading time table
  • It helps you to increase your level of preparedness before the exam.



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