Junk Foods or Healthy Foods – Which is Cheaper? Part 2


Oh yes I totally understand your perspective If you believe junk food is cheaper. It seems cheaper and easier to go for junk foods instead of healthier options if you don’t really give it a deeper thought.

Especially when you go to the market and you find out you can actually get more junk foods than healthier options for the money available to you.

In my previous writings, I shared a real life story of how I also once came to the same conclusion. So you you are not alone. You can go back to it. It’s the part one of this same series.

Like I pointed out in my last post, The above statement would only be valid if you are focused on the present and if you are focused on quantity and not quality.

I promised to show you in this post why healthy eating is far cheaper and better than junk food. If you really think that eating healthy is expensive then think about being sick.

I assure you that eating healthy is more economical than giving room for diseases through neglecting simple principles embedded in nutrition by God.

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Have you ever thought about the value of your health? It’s value is far above money and precious stones. If your health is tampered with right now every other thing stops to make any sense because health is synonymous to Life!

All the seemingly important activities are put on hold. Have you ever wondered why a man on his sick bed is willing to give everything he owns in exchange for his life?

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Also when a person is sick, all the excuses of no money fades away to the background and money pops out eventually.

Have you ever wondered why a family is willing to trade Millions as ransom for the life of a loved one that is threatened either by kidnappers or disease? This is because all the money in the World can’t be compared to one life that is lost and money can’t replace a loved one.

That is why treating an illness costs a lot of money because life/health is not cheap! Even the ones we regard as a minor sickness is still not cheap to treat so if you are still of the opinion that junk food is cheaper then think again.

“Prevention is far better than cure” is a statement we all know about and often use so it’s time to apply it to our health. Remember that our lives is a direct result of the choices we have made over time.

So instead of dwelling on regrets start now to brightly colour your future by starting to make the right choices concerning your health and every other area of your life.

Money, accomplishments and other daily activities are important but Health is more important. Our priorities need to be reordered correctly.

Without health every other thing including service to God, fulfillment of purpose and impact on humanity will be unattainable.

If we all are willing to pay for hospital bills anytime we fall ill ,then why not just pay the little sacrifice of maintaining your health? This is not the time for excuses because they would always abound whenever you need them.

I call it little sacrifice because it’s actually minute compared to the benefits that would surely result both now and in the Future.

The big question is do you want to stay healthy?? If yes then the only short cut is eat healthy and live healthy. Prevention is truly better than cure and the only way to prevention is properly harnessing the hidden treasures of appropriate nutrition.

Till I come your way again. Be intentional!

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