Junk Foods or Healthy Foods – Which is Cheaper? Part 1

junk foods

The answer to the question above is totally dependent on what your focus is at the time you are drawing your conclusion. I really need you to be sincere at this point. If your opinion agrees with the fact that junk food is cheaper then, I will agree with you on just two conditions after which I will tell you a story to buttress my point.

1.That you are focused on quantity and not quality.

  1. That you are thinking of how to feed the mouths you are responsible for presently. You are not thinking about any future consequences at all…

If these are the perspectives from which you are drawing your conclusion, then I have no choice but to agree with you because I know you are being sincere. I have been there countless times and have come to the same conclusion.

If you have ever been in a situation where you had limited money and the family had to eat then you would understand what I’m talking about.

One day, my mum gave me 400 Naira and told me to prepare pasta(popularly known as spaghetti) for breakfast. From experience I knew that pasta is high in simple carbohydrates which is not so good for my Middle aged parents because it causes a spike in blood sugar levels and consequently insulin levels.

Also I noticed that whenever I eat spaghetti or any other food rich in simple carbohydrates I always feel weak and sleepy especially when it’s garnished with little or no vegetables that’s why I try to avoid such meals in the mornings.

So I decided to think of a healthier option With the 400 Naira I had at my disposal. I was supposed to get one packet of pasta for 300 naira, carrots and cucumber worth 100 Naira which I decided was not enough to reduce the pasta’s high carbohydrate level.

I was to cook for 4 adults and a child. So alternatively I thought about buying vegetables worth 200 naira then eggs worth 100 naira and bread worth 200 naira( I’m sure you can already imagine the size of the bread quite small for 5 people).

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But then I started to wonder how I could share that small quantity of bread between 5 people even though there would be lots of vegetables sandwiched in between. That would feel like no breakfast at all.

So guess what!! I ended up going for the pasta option. So believe me when I say that I do understand why you have come to such conclusion.

I began to think about it and discovered that the reason why I chose the quantity option and not the quality is because I lived in an environment where quantity was valued above quality. Sadly that is the situation in most Nigerian homes.

So I think the first place to start with is changing our mindset and values from quantity to quality. We ought to Come to the point where we prefer to eat an apple worth 100 Maura rather than buying a loaf of white bread for the same price.

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Another thing we need to do is train our minds to focus on the future and not just the present. What you sow you would reap is also true for your health. Whatever you would love to reap in the nearest future, start planting now! If you want health in the Future, begin to plant it Now!

I dare say that this post is not for everyone. It’s only for those who want a beautiful and healthy future and are willing to be intentional with it.

You are not overweight today but you could be tomorrow. You are not a mother today but you would be tomorrow. So start preparing for that future now. You don’t have to gain so much weight because you gave birth so start to adopt those healthy habits now.

This is the reason why everyone can relate with this post both young and old. So don’t wait till you get to the farm before you start to think of what tools you would need. The time to start is now! In my next post, I would tell you why healthy food is far more cheaper than junk foods. Please don’t Don’t miss out! Click Here to See Part 2

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