Ladies: How To Wear Oversized Pearl Jewelry

This is strictly for ladies who have the desire to know how to wear oversized pearl jewelry

They’re everywhere this spring – on clutches, half-sleeve sweaters, headbands and, expectedly, around your wrist and neck.

We’re hinting at the gems of the sea, aka lush and radiant pearls under all shapes, colors, and sizes – but one size in particular. Big, bold pearls are the trend of the moment on the hottest runways – and the craze is just gaining more fashion fans every season.

Not sure how to rock these oversized iridescent gems? Here are four chic ways to incorporate the pearl trend into your upcoming spring wardrobe.

Be the Maximalist

This trend is bold and with good reason – the pearls are extra-large and the styling can go hand in hand. Commit to maximalism the chic way by opting for a mix and match of pearl shapes, all in baroque forms.

Unique, exciting pearls in one-of-a-kind shapes make a great visual impact for a nighttime event, be it a cocktail, wedding or formal gathering. Pair up a choker-length necklace with a matching pearl bracelet and earrings in iridescent finishes ranging from silver to gold.

Or Embrace Solitaire Minimalism

At the opposite side of the spectrum lies minimalism, aka everything and anything simplified. Anything but the shape of your pearls. Baroque pearls are IN and the more unique and off-shaped, the better.

Forgo the crispiness of classic rounds and go all-in with the quirkiest shapes when embracing the solitaire minimalist trend.

Opt for single pearl necklaces on ultra-thin, dainty chains and forgo the earrings and the extra bling in order to make a true style statement.

Bold and Linear Accents

For a fresh look that is young, chic and impactful, grab a pair of dangle earrings in a linear design, featuring pearls of different sizes.

Designs that feature pearls of the same size carry a charm of their own and a distinctively more formal vibe.

But if you want to sport your pearls from day to night on casual, yet busy days on the go, a mix of sizes (with the mandatory oversize in the bunch) is the way to go.

For an even more unexpected style statement, give the classics a well-deserved break and grab a pair featuring Tahitian pearls in iridescent colors.

Another Kind of Bling

Forgo the classic approach and wear your pearls—the unconventional way. That’s right, this spring brings you everything pearl-bedazzled and that includes accessories, clothing items, belts, sunglass chains and so on.

Our must-try pick: bold, oversized pearls worn in your hair. Headbands and hairpins are loaded with the gems of the sea this season – and the bigger the better.

Dolling up in an instant is a breeze when you’re opting for a chic hairband in shimmery ivories. For a complete preppy-gone-glam look, pair it up with classic pearl earring studs in a matching tone.

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