Maintain your Health, maintain your Weight


The connection between your health and weight. Growing up in West Africa, Nigeria Precisely. I was very thin and I got used to being told stories of how I was fleshy and chubby as an infant.

As I look back, I used to like the idea of being slim until as a teenager my clothes would not fit so well like that of my sister who had more weight. I remember missing lots of opportunities to be given clothes from older family members because it would never fit. It was hard to find my size and I loved fitted clothes so much back then.

Since I was triplet I would often feel that our clothes looked better on my sisters than on me. This is to say how much I admire chubby or fleshy people because they always look healthy even when they are undergoing temporarily hard conditions Unlike slim people that tend to even loose more weight when exposed to stressful conditions.

I also Love and admire the fact that chubby people fill every space in their clothes which makes them look good and even healthier than some slim people so I dare say that you can be slim and still be unhealthy and and you can accommodate some weight and still be healthy provided you do not exceed the normal Body mass index.

So when I advocate for weight loss I am not saying I detest fat people neither am I saying that everyone has to be as slim as beauty Divas. I advocate for weight loss when when it is in excess and has gotten to a level where it interferes with normal state of health which brings us to BMI.


Body Mass Index/BMI
BMI is short for Body mass index. It is a parameter used to measure weight status such as underweight, normal weight, overweight, obesity and so on. It is measured in kg/m².

Your weight in kg and your height in m² will determine your weight status or degree of weight (under, normal over or obese). Knowing your Body mass index helps you to access where you are and how you can work on it or improve on it.

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So we see that the statement maintain your health maintain your weight is indeed true. Maintaining a normal health is very important because a wide range of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes,stroke, etc are associated with excessive weight(Obesity) hence the need to give more attention and be more intentional with our calorie intake as it would determine how fast we lose or gain weight.

If you must stay healthy now and in old age, you would need to understand the basics and learn learn to appropriately harness the gift of Nutrition and exercise as they are instrumental to having a normal weight and a healthy life.


In maintaining the right weight, Avoid the fire Brigade approach. A healthy lifestyle is not about loosing weight alone. It’s about building habits that would stand the test of time. Habits that will change your life and not just make you loose weight fast without the ability to sustain your new weight

  • Increase activity levels.
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
  • 30minutes walk daily would do a lot of good.
  • Focus more on plant based foods especially fruits and vegetables while cutting down on junk foods
  • Avoid late night meals. It makes you store unused calories increasing your fat store.

I wish you the very best. Cheers to your health

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