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North Korea: 13 Little Things That Could Get You Jailed Or Killed

This article contains 13 things that could get you killed in North Korea, scroll down to know about them

It is very mandatory to check details about a country before you desire to pursue a trip there. Why? There might be some rules and regulations there in those countries that are not familiar with you because you’ve never experienced them in your country.

This is why we’re going to be listing 13 things that are not serious, things that you do freely in your countries that if done in North Korea, it could get you killed or jailed.

Apparently, North Korea is the only dictatorship and the most deadliest country in the world.

You can get killed or jailed for life over minor things. Their president is worse than Buhari. Nigeria is a terrible place but obviously a Heaven compared to North Korea.

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Below are list of things that are unlawful and could attract capital punishment or jail time in North Korea.


1. Making International Phone Calls

If you make international phone calls in North Korea, you could be killed or jailed. People have been killed for calling relatives in South Korea.



2. Leaving The Country

North Koreans do not get to leave their country, ever! There are no passports or visas for citizens anywhere and if you’re ever caught trying to leave the country, you’ll be executed immediately. Hundreds attempt to escape to South Korea every year, not all are successful. If you succeed, the family you left behind will go in for it. They will be all killed or prisoned.


3. Pornography

You better not be stupid enough to watch pornoography or allow yourself to be caught because you’ll get killed by hanging. In fact, Kim Jong Un had his girlfriend executed in front of his family for daring to make a sex tape.

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4. Using The Internet

In North Korea, citizens are only allowed to access few state-sponsored websites, if you manage to break beyond that which is almost impossible, you know what happens to you. Death!


5.Wearing Jeans

Wearing Jeans is illegal in North Korea, and could attract you a serious jail time.


6. Escaping Prison

While this is illegal in every country, if you try it in North Korea, your entire family will be punished up to your fourth generation. That means, your crime can get your kids, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents killed.

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7. Making Mistakes At Your Job

Making the tiniest mistake at your job could land you in hot water. Recently, a journalist was executed for making a typo error in some article.


8. Non-government Issued Music

Foreign music is not allowed in North Korea. I can assure you that North Koreans do not know about Beyonce, Jay-Z, Celine Dion, Wizkid, Davido, Burnaboy and all your famous celebrities. You can only listen to state issued music.


9. Having A Unique Haircut

Want to dye or cut your hair in a fun new style? Not if you’re in North Korea! All haircuts and styles must be government approved. There are 28 of them to choose from. Try something funny, your ass is going to jail for a very long time.

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10. Sanitary Pads

Sanitary napkin are not allowed in North Korea. Their women have to use reusable washable pads.


11. No Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is highly forbidden in North Korea.


12. No Religion

Nothing like Christianity or Islam in North Korea. If you’re being caught practicing any, you’re dead.


13. No Condoms or any birth control pills

anywhere in the country. You’d first pass through the eye of a needle before you can find these.


In the last 65 years, this country has managed to remain exactly where and how the government want it.


And even though you can easily walk into North Korea from South Korea, no South Korean is allowed to travel to North Korea for any reason whatsoever and no foreigner can travel from South Korea into North Korea, you must travel down to China and back into North Korea.

What a country! At least you have seen a country Nigeria is better than.


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