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If you’re one of those that loves action games and is really thrilled by them. Then, this is one for you. It will keep you really entertained and glued to your phone. Check it out.


Path of Exile is a constantly growing game which has tons of loot to choose from, a large player base, and tons of tools to help you get to the top.

It is one of the few hack and slash games that is constantly refreshing itself in new, and inventive ways.


Why Do Players Keep Coming Back?

Quarterly New Leagues


The answer to this is pretty simple. Every quarter you get a completely new mechanic added and EVERYONE who chooses to participate in the new League that contains the new mechanic will get a fresh start.


Meaning everyone will have to create a new character, rebuild a character, and begin with no poe currency that they’ve obtained previously.



Of course, all the Path of Exile currency and items you’ve earned will still be available through Standard League if you’d prefer to stick to an old character with your current items, but you won’t be able to participate with new mechanics.


Addictive Gameplay


After spending thousands of hours playing many different leagues, the gameplay style is very addictive, and just rewarding enough to keep you in the game.


There are tons of different ways you can get rich in the game, and plenty of ways you can continue to build your character especially with the addition of cluster jewels from the Delirium League.

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On top of all of that there are tons of skill gems and other items that have unique mechanics you can use to make awesome builds.


Making several different characters in a single league isn’t uncommon and should be something everyone should consider doing at least once to get a better feel for different types of characters and different builds.


Endless Loot and Endless Endgame


The game does have a story to it, and it continues even after completing the main story. Path of Exile has come a long way since its initial release with tons of new content and it seems that Grinding Gear Games has created a way to keep players playing even after they’ve finished the main story.


After completing the main story, you can start completing maps in the Atlas that get increasingly difficult and drop even better loot once you reach higher tiers. These maps contain some old bosses and new bosses, including a new storyline to follow.


Even after completing all the maps, you can still continue to test your limits with the maps you get and the tons of different Masters to do missions for and get unique items from.

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Overall Gameplay

The Acts


The overall gameplay throughout the acts isn’t very “grindy” While playing through the acts you can assume you’ll probably end up getting all the items you need as you play and there isn’t much to grind for during the 10 main acts.


Playing through the acts is fairly smooth and well-paced taking most players around 5 to 8 hours to finish depending on their build.


It does a fine job of introducing you to new masters and events throughout the game while you’re gaining levels and building your character while not feeling like it’s a bore.


The addition of new leagues every quarter that often include new skills helps keep the main story feeling fresh.


The Grind

After you complete the acts, you can be certain you’ll be stuck grinding your way through the map tiers until you gather enough currency to make your next move on your build.


Depending on your build and your luck you could be grinding for hours, or days. If you’re new to the game I’d suggest looking up a build guide that’s quick and cost-effective if you want to avoid the heavy grinding with spontaneously creating a build from scratch.


Even though this game has a lot of grinding closer towards the end, it does a good job with rewarding you for that time you’ve spent grinding.

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Mechanics and Feel


The feel of the game is solid. It doesn’t feel choppy or cheap. Although there are some outdated features a lot of the outdated stuff gets fixed with new animations, content, or other things to help the game feel fresh and new even to veteran players.


The mechanics to the game are, however, very complex and hard to learn for people who just want to play a casual game. A single look at the terrifyingly large skill tree is enough to scare off many players who don’t want to take the time to learn the game.


Should You Play Path of Exile?

You Should Play if…


If you enjoy games like Diablo or games that aren’t easy to learn and always have something new you can do then you’ll definitely enjoy Path of Exile.


The grinding is always very rewarding and tends to reward you enough to keep you from feeling burnt out and the new leagues always add a lot of content for you to explore.


You Shouldn’t Play if…


If you don’t enjoy grinding at all or working hard to get past difficult curdles on your build then this game is not for you. Path of Exile implements some of the most unique mechanics every league, but with that, there are huge learning curves.


If you aren’t the type of person to learn the mechanics and how they all work together, then this game is definitely not for you.


If you would like to learn to play and take a few shortcuts to earning currency you can always purchase that currency through trusted websites like


The pricing for currency is extremely cheap and you can finish an entire build simply by looking up items or currency for the build you want to finish. Or you can even purchase an entire account with fully built characters.

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