Queen’s University International Scholarships

International and U.S. Students

Queen’s University interntion scholarships was designed to attract a community of outstanding student scholars from across the globe. There are a variety of financial aid programs available to assist International and U.S. students studying at Queen’s.

International and U.S. Admission Scholarships and Awards

To reward the high level of academic excellence displayed by many of our incoming International and U.S. students, Queen’s offers a range of scholarships to students entering the first year of any first-entry undergraduate program of study.


To be eligible for most International Admission Scholarships and Awards you must be:

an international student (Canadian citizens, including those students holding dual-citizenship, and permanent residents do not qualify for these awards)

entering the first year of post-secondary education for the first time (graduates from a 2-year CEGEP program transferring into their second year of a Queen’s program remain eligible for Admission Scholarships and Awards)

Canadian citizens, those holding dual-citizenship, and Permanent Residents of Canada should visit the Admission Scholarships section for further information on scholarships and awards for incoming first-year domestic students.

–Academic Average Calculation

Unless otherwise stated, the awards average outlined below is used for scholarship consideration:

Ontario curriculum (OSSD Curriculum) students:

Minimum 3 Grade 12U courses including English 4U and 3 additional 4U or 4M courses.

Other Canadian Province/Territory curriculum students:

Grade 12 academic subjects as defined in the General Admission requirements for the Bachelor of Arts program.

Students studying in other education systems:

The Awards Average is calculated in a manner consistent with the calculation and criteria used for admission purposes.

Automatic Admission Scholarships (no application required)


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