Relationship: A Huge Distraction | Ep. 2.0


This relationship issue is about to get interesting. The following day Tony came to my Grandparents’ house to look for me. like I said earlier, I had traveled to stay with uncle Richard the reason I was at my mum’s.

We had interesting conversations, got to know each other deeper as per background, and guess what❓, Tony was from the next village.

Relationship: My Visit to Tony

On the third day after Tony visited, I went on a visit to Tony’s family house as I had promised him. I met his parents, chatted with him and left.

Tony left the next day back to Lagos. Did I miss him at this point? I was so indifferent because I Sophia can’t even think of anything called relationship as it was a distraction for me. Lol

Midnight Calls.

had I begun a relationship unknowningly. After every one had gone back to base (our respective homes), we began the then famous ‘Glo’ midnight calls.

This went on after about three (3) months, and by this time I had already started nursing some feelings for him but was I really sure about this?

I wasn’t sure what it was really, all I knew was I had a special friend whom I talk to often specially at nights. Lol.

Tony asked me Out

Soon, Tony traveled down and asked me out, hmmm ! Am I not the same person who called a ‘supposed’ relationship off just few months ago? 😂what changed?

Or rather what brought about the change of mind? Hehe. Was there clear difference between Josh and Tony? Did I even sit down to analyze this?

Lest I forget I had told myself even if I want to have anything to do with any man, definitely not from my village and guess what? Both Josh and Tony where all from my village. ‘Who do me ‘😂😂.


Officially we started dating, how would I ever forget to tell you all that I carried over my strict ‘a must compliant’ rule of NO SEX to my relationship with Tony, of course as a condition president to accepting his dating request.

Tony looked at me and felt this one is a small girl, and doesn’t know this does not work any where, but because he so wanted me badly he agreed to my words .

But as a ‘guy man’ he told me let’s see how it goes because am sure you will soon be the one begging for it, 😂.

Boasting and ‘ priding’ in his numerous escapades with girls and I laughed in ‘corona blue’ colour knowing and trusting my ability to control myself and of course to break his head if he attempts it forcefully.

After all, he will still not make history as the first person I will break his head on the same subject matter

My Plan to Visit Tony

Tony at this time was working with one of the banks and had moved down to the Northern part of the country, Kaduna state to be precise.

I had gotten information of his address in one of our conversations without his knowledge. My funny reason for travelling I must confess wasn’t to go and see the man I liked, neither was it about me missing him.

It was Strictly about catching him red handed with a lady and calling it quit. Soon there was a three day public holiday, like they say, the opportunity to achieve my aim availed itself on a platter, my people I moved.

My Journey to the North

This relationship thing is really driving me crazy you would say. Yours truly embarked on a journey to Kaduna for the first time in my entire life to go visit Tony, without his knowledge or that of my parents. Ehh!

Which mouth abi who born you , who you, who ‘ who form you ‘ to tell my parents you want to go visit a man? Like are you high? 🤣.

I had a relative in school, we were so close. Interestingly we were in the same department so I informed him, he encouraged me because he knew about Josh and my crazy way of handling relationships.

His name is Obinna, kindly keep this name safe in your memory because you will soon find out why, He saw me off to the park and I departed.

Till date i cant still imagine my self taking that risks all in the name of relationship. God please help me.

Guess what, my trip to kaduna hmmmmmmmm, catch you in the next episode

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