Step By Step Guidelines To Making It Big As An Iroko TV Dealer

IrokoTV as the number one distributors of nollywood movies in Africa has given out this opportunity on how people can make it big by just being a dealer of Iroko. Scroll down for more information

IrokoTV has been around for quite a while and even though many know about the platform, they do not know the opportunities that surrounds it and most importantly, many that know, do not know how to utilize it.

This article promises to give you the firsthand knowledge of what you need to know about the opportunities IrokoTV presents and how to utilize them.

IrokoTv is an online web platform that provides Nigerian films on demand. It is one of Africa’s first mainstream online film and video streaming websites that enables access to over 5,000 Nollywood movies.

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It was launched on December 1, 2011, and is a part of iROKO Partners which was founded by Jason Njoku and Bestian Gotter in December 2010. IrokoTV is the world’s largest legal digital distributor of African movies and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

IrokoTv also operates a subscription business model where users can access Nollywood movies online via Android mobile app.

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How To Become An IrokoTV Dealer

IrokoTV dealership is a commission-based partnership in which both the dealer and irokoTV benefits. The dealer must meet all the registration requirements, pay the registration fee and attend the training. As a dealer, you earn #1000 for every Irokotv subscription you sell and #20 on every movie you send to a customer. As a dealer, you will be educating people about Irokotv and also to convince them to subscribe on Irokotv platform. The customers subscription costs #3000 per year and you as a dealer get #1000 out of every #3000 subscription you sell.

Dealers Categories And Benefits (General)

• #1000 commission on every sale

• #20 for each movie you share with a customer

• 24/7 dedicated support frim customer service team

• Sales training and customer service

• Performance based rewards for top selling agents

Dealer Packages And Categories

Basic Package

• This costs a registration fee of #50,000

• You get T-shirts, A2 posters, 32GB SD card with 500+ movies and series

Gold Package

• This costs a registration fee of #100,000

• You get T-shirts, flyers, A2 posters, roll up banner,aluminum signage and 32GB SD card with 500+ movies and series

Platinum Package

• This costs a registration fee of #250,000 and includes an Irokotv branded kiosk

• You get T-shirts, flyers, roll up banners, aluminum signage, A2 posters and 32GB SD card with 500+ movies and series.

How to get started

• Fill and complete the dealer interest form at

• Fill in the appropriate fields with your name, gender, date of birth, state of residence, city, phone no, email, dealer package type then submit.

• Pay a one-time registration fee which depends on your preferred dealer package

• Receive training and welcome packs.

Benefits Of Being An Irokotv Dealer

• An opportunity to own your own Irokotv business

• You don’t need to pay rent to a shop, you only need your android device.

• Easy, convenient and affordable way to start a business

For additional information you can also visit irokotv dealer website at

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