Sustainable Agribusiness MicroMaster Program

Sustainable Agribusiness micromaster program

The Sustainable Agribusiness MicroMasters program provides you the knowledge to create a healthy environment, economic profitability, and social and economic equity. Its fundamental purpose is to help you meet current societal needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

You will learn that sustainable agribusiness is more than a collection of sustainable agribusiness methods and practices. It is also a process of negotiation: a push and pull between the sometimes competing interests of an individual farmer, a community, a nation, or geo-political groups as they work to solve complex problems about how to grow crops and livestock.

As a practitioner of sustainable agribusiness — manager, grower, food processor, distributor, retailer, consumer, waste manager, or policymaker — the Sustainable Agriculture MicroMasters program will equip you to play a role in ensuring a sustainable agricultural system. A systems perspective is essential to understanding sustainability and implies interdisciplinary efforts.

You will gain an understanding of the importance of the sustainable agriculture system in its broadest sense, from the individual farm, to the local ecosystem, and to communities affected by crop and livestock production practices, both locally and globally. An emphasis on the system allows a larger and more thorough view of the consequences of crop and livestock practices on both human communities and the environment. A systems approach gives you the tools to explore the interconnections between agriculture and other aspects of our environment.

Farmers, laborers, policymakers, researchers, retailers, consumers, and managers have a responsibility to reach toward the goal of sustainable agriculture. This MicroMasters program provides you with the fundamental knowledge so that you can uniquely contribute to strengthen the sustainable agriculture community.

Sustainable Agribusiness 7 Courses

  1. Agri-food Systems Analysis
  2. Sustainable Agri-food Marketing
  3. Environmental and Natural Resources Economics
  4. Agricultural Economic Modelling Tools
  5. Global Food Futures and Agri-food Systems
  6. Sustainable Agri-food Supply Chain management
  7. Sustainable Agribusiness Comprehensive Exam

Cost: $1,344.60


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