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long lasting health

God’s Possibility:

Long lasting health, God’s possibility. In the beginning, man was created in a perfect state or condition. Man was created in the very image of God (Genesis 1:27). So Man was Made to live and operate in perfect health condition just as God. When I speak of God’s possibility, I speak of his will and intent concerning man when he created him.

I am quite convinced that God’s will for man is Health and vitality. He wanted man to be full of life in order to effectively carry out his purpose on earth.

Man’s Responsibility

God created Man on the sixth day after creating every other thing needed for man to thrive. Man was literally born into rest and abundance.

However God planted a garden and furnished it to taste but still left man with a responsibility that entailed taking care of the garden. Man still had a part to play even though all things were ready! Now that is called partnership. Throughout the ages God has always partnered with man in bringing His Purpose to fulfillment.

God said to his people Israel, I have given you the land but you must Arise and contend with the adversary.

The walls of Jericho Miraculously sunk in by the power of God but before God did that, he asked his people to March round the city for a period of seven days. So we see once again people playing their part and taking responsibility as a proof of their Faith.

Once More God’s people were surrounded by Enemy soldiers and had to escape through the red sea. God didn’t divide the sea until Moses played his part by stretching his rod forward and above the waters.

And Now in these days God sent his only begotten son to die for the world but he is like hey! for this redemption package to be yours personally, you have to believe it in your heart and confess it with your mouth. It doesn’t come to you automatically until you express Faith.

So we see that throughout the ages Man has always been actively involved bringing God’s will to pass and this is the same in the case of your health.

God is interested in every aspect of your life including what you eat. This Fact is proven in Genesis 1:29 And God said,“Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.

Did you see that? God told man exactly what to eat. He exercised his right as a creator who knew what was best for his creation (man).

He knew man would thrive more and enjoy health eating plant based foods and fruits hence his prescription. It’s been proven that the best diet plans are those rich in plant based foods.

He knew that wrong eating could sabotage his plan of health and vitality for man. He knew that man needed to be healthy and full of life to reach his full potentials.

He gave man exactly what to eat because he had imbedded all that the body needs to function properly in appropriate nutrition.

Health and wellness is attainable for everyone if we would all get intentional with our eating and be responsible. God has done his part, let us do ours.

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God has put Principles in place everywhere including Nutrition. Let’s Learn them and not live in ignorance (because it’s not an excuse). Don’t keep Overeating and feeding on junks while confessing your healing.

God’s word coupled with Man’s action always yields Results. The fact that God wants you to enjoy life and has made provision for your health does not take the place of Responsibility. God is counting on you to be intentional, to partner with him in achieving health and vitality in your life.

Come onboard the train of health and vitality. It’s a Journey and you will surely reach your health goal with the right association and the right information. Remember, the key is being Intentional and taking responsibility. You have got this! You can do it!

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