The Role of Nutrition in the Immune System

the immune system


According to Wikipedia, the immune system is defined as a network of biological processes that protects an organism from diseases. It detects and responds to a variety of pathogens from viruses to parasitic worms as well as cancer cells and foreign materials such as wood splinters distinguishing them from the body’s own healthy tissues. 

The immune system is a connection of systems in the body ensuring that there is no attack from foreign or pathogenic substances. 

The immune system can be likened to a gateway or security system which is required for the defense and safety of any organization or institution. 

For threat to be minimized in any institution, there has to be a security system so we can see the wisdom of God in setting up the immune system for the defense and safety of the body. 

The number one function of any security system is DEFENSE. For defense to be properly carried out, a security system has to have a way of distinguishing between members of the organization and foreigners, maybe through an identification card or something of that nature.

 If there is no way of properly distinguishing, the security system might end up fighting it’s own and that is exactly what happens in the immune system. 

The immune system is capable of detecting and distinguishing foreign substances from the body’s own healthy tissues. 

Once these pathogenic substances are detected  by the Leukocytes (White blood cells) which are on constant patrol, their target has been determined so they begin to multiply and send signals to other cell types to also multiply in order to defend the body and get rid of these invaders.

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The immune system in addition to defending the body against pathogenic (disease causing) invaders, has a wonderful and unique ability of storing the memory of these Antigens( substances that can spark up immune response) so that when the same antigens show up in the Future for a revenge plan, it would use the same weapon and armoury (Antibodies) to fight them off. 

The immune system consists of Leukocytes(White blood cells which I earlier mentioned) and they are divided into :Phagocytes and Lymphocytes. The Lymphocytes are charged with the noresponsibility of helping the body system remember previous invaders and recognize them when they return. 

This mechanism is employed in vaccine and immunization. 

The Skin  is the first layer of defense against pathogenic attack. Without the immune system in place, the body would be susceptible to a wide range of pathogenic attacks resulting in infectious diseases. 

To Function well, the immune system requires balance and harmony (Harvard Health). This is because different systems contribute to forming the immune system hence the need for balance and harmony between the systems involved. That’s why it’s described earlier by Wikipedia as a network of systems.

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Scientists have long observed that people who live in poverty and are malnourished are more susceptible to infectious diseases. 

For any security system, it’s officers thrive on their stomach. Defense is not possible when an army is weak and malnourished hence the need for healthy and appropriate nutrition. 

So also the immune system can not thrive and function properly without proper nutritional Nourishment. We earlier noted that the immune system exists because other systems of the body contributes their own quota. So when the body systems are properly nourished, it extends to the immune system. 

This is to say that researchers don’t Know exactly if some kinds of foods actually boost the immune system or whether dietary factors such as high simple sugar intake and processed food affects immune system function but it’s known that whatever is good for the body is also great for the immune system. 

So to keep the immune system up and running, Choose a healthy lifestyle by 

Eating diets high in fruits and vegetables and then regular exercise. Let me end with this story 

A Rich man once had a Security system to defend him from attacks but he failed to provide them with food. On a certain day, they were hungry and went out to eat they left few soldiers behind but before they could return, invaders came and meeting little or no defense because the remaining soldiers were too weak to fight, attacked and killed the rich man. So Keep your immune system healthy by eating healthy. Thank you for reading. You can channel your questions down in the comments section. 

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