Top 7 Difficult Courses To Study In Nigerian Universities

This post contains the top 7 courses that are difficult to study in Nigerian Universities, scroll down to see them

When some courses are termed difficult, it really isn’t said to discourage others, it is just fact and reality that those courses aren’t toys to play with. They’re to be taken seriously.

We believe what we have below are the most difficult courses to study in any Nigerian universities.

1) Medicine & Surgery

In the field of medicine, it is another world of studies because you will find yourself studying for many years, some may succeed but some will deviate to another major.


2) Law

Being a law student is what most of aspirants wants but law is just like medicine you will spend most of your time in school also spending your time reading many books.

3) Engineering

The field of engineering is the field of technology, not only being a technician, you must also apply the knowledge of mathematics to your work. that is, it entails lots of calculation. it is said that there is no fine boy in engineering department because all don’t have time for that.


4) Mathematics

We all know what mathematics is all about and what it takes, a mathematician is a professional in mathematics, mathematics. involves lots of calculation thought your life.


5) Statistics

This is another discipline that is just like mathematics, statisticians are applied mathematicians, they use mathematics to solve real life problems, it entails lots of mathematics and some borrowed courses that are not even part of your discipline (eg, economics).


6) Chemistry

You guys may be surprise about this major but chemistry is not an easy course, chemistry is really a broad course, you find out using your time mixing chemicals in the lab and cramming formulars and theories.


7) Architecture

Architecture is another discipline that in which you spend most of your time in school, at times you sleep in school drawing and sketching diagrams for planning.

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