Undergraduate Student Scholarship Program

Every year 5 students can receive a scholarship. The technical undergraduate programs of the university take part in the scholarship program.


Applicants can apply for a scholarship who:

  • are not citizens of the USA and Canada and are not permanent residents of these countries;
  • received an offer to study at one of the undergraduate programs of the selected university;
  • have not previously studied at higher educational institutions;
  • graduated from school with excellent grades, for example:

1.    4 A marks in GCE A Levels

2.    – total score of 98% in the an approved Foundation program

3.    – 44 mark in an International Baccalaureate (IB) program


There are three types of scholarships:

  1. $ 10.000  to pay for tuition in the first year of a bachelor degree course and a monthly scholarship in the amount of $ 2000;
  2. 50% payment for a three-year bachelor degree course
  3. 100% payment of a bachelor degree course for the entire period.


Please send all the documents we need by mail Lifeasapa.grants@gmail.com in PDF format. («Undergraduate_Surname_Country_2021»)

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