When God Says “WAIT”


WHEN GOD SAYS “WAIT”. So I asked God to use me…. To bless me and make me a blessing… He asked if I was willing, I thought of all the joy I can bring to my people and all the joys I could spread and I said a big YES.

God said it will cost me and I thought of my good job and of all the money I have given to church work in the past, of course I felt I can afford it and still said yes.

Then he asked for complete obedience, I was lost, Most often he demands things my little mind can’t wrap around… But he reminds me of his love and his better ways and thoughts… I stepped out, struggled and learnt. Now I am not just obedient but willing..

He demands I give my all… I gave my car, I left my job, I closed my accounts… He still asked, “can you be trusted”? Lord I have given all, I answered.. But yet he won’t be moved… What else could he want?

Seek me “diligently”…oh heck… Haven’t I been? He says your all makes me your only source and sustenance, your all is your heart… Your all is obeying the first commandment in its totality.
It wasn’t a smooth journey but I learnt and grew.

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Was I rich in cash, nope…lost a job, sold a car, can’t pay rent, but I was as rich as I can be in the content of my character, and my revelation of HIM.

Then came the moment, Lord I need to take that job… He says “wait”
I need a wife, I’m getting old?
He says wait.
I gotta rent my own house and start again?
He says wait.
For how long lord?
Just wait…
For what exactly lord?

Time has passed, years has gone now I can thank him better and feel his grace and love for he chose a lowly me to learn the lessons he taught… That patience is a vital proof of faith. That faith tested with patience is “faith-ful.”
And who the Lord can trust, (IE finds faithful, ) there’s no limit to his grace and blessings He can give.

So I make bold to say to you Saint, out there, waiting and hoping and believing, I have given it all, money, clothes, car, house, ridiculed, misunderstood and abused… Happily for the sake of my Christ I did..

But nothing has been or ever was more testing and trying than when God says to WAIT.

So when you come to that place, for oh yes I’m sure you will… For there’s no road to the promised land that does not lead through a wilderness. And the trial of your faith which worketh patience is a vital test for all who seek to find him who has called and promised….

When the devil says you are abandoned, God doesn’t love you, you are going to die poor if you keep waiting for God, you are just being lazy, etc…

Remember, It’s you whose being tested and HE who has promised is able to do abundantly more than you can imagine.

Pass the test of patience… Proof your faith in God, and nothing else can stop youu from living the reality of his promises and to your glorious destiny….
Onward Christ’s soldier!!!

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